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Sabine Alexander is a natural juxtaposition.

As a born and raised Vancouverite, I have a laid-back attitude with a hint of art school pretention. I enjoy dressing up in heels and a nice dress, but will more often be found cruising around the city in my Vans and black jeans. Playfully teasing you for not knowing my favourite hole-in-the-wall haunts is something you may have to suffer through, but I'm always more than willing to share them with you! I love this city and all it has to offer; from the mountainous views to self-guided brewery tours to devouring a Japadog while avoiding people in yoga pants, I embrace every moment of it.

I'm the kind of person who will be laughing at the oxymoron "jumbo shrimp" or making a fantastically awful dad joke one second, and be having an in-depth conversation about Greenbergian art theory the next. Though a lover of fine arts and literature, I still relish in reading books like Harry Potter. Going to concerts and independent films bring me great joy, but binging Bob's Burgers in my sweatpants happens more than I'd like to admit. I'm an eclectic girl who smiles easily, and who takes pride in passing that smile to you.

the basics


I am not adherent to tradition, and therefore find it difficult to summarize our experience in terms of a list of acronyms. I promise that as an open-minded woman, I strive for our encounter to be the most satisfying for both you and me. I am devoted to maintaining a high level of personal health and safety and will not partake in any potentially unsafe activities. Please note that all engagements longer than 3 hours in duration require some social aspect (a shared meal, cocktails, social outing, etc) and I've structured my respective fees to reflect this.

My time devoted to the more hedonistic side of life is quite limited, it is recommended to arrange our rendezvous at least 24-48 hours in advance. All donations are listed in Canadian funds, unless otherwise specified. Though I prefer payment in cash, I also accept Interac E-Transfer, credit cards (discreet billing) or BitCoin if arranged prior to meeting. I reserve the right to request a reference from another reputable provider (that you've seen in the last 6 months) if I feel that it is necessary.

At Home

1 hour || $350
1.5 hours || $500
2 hours || $650
4 hours || $1100
8 hours || $1600
overnight || $2500
24 hours || $3000

Duos available with select friends

Around the town

Join me in exploring my beautiful city!
As one of the few locals around, simply let me know what activities you are interested in and I will plan us a day of fun and sensuality.


Includes 4 hours social time & 2 hours private time

American Girl

1 hour || $400 USD
1.5 hours || $550 USD
2 hours || $750 USD
4 hours || $1100 USD
8 hours || $1500 USD
overnight || $2500 USD
24 hours || $3200 USD

Duos available with select friends


Please arrive with the donation pre-counted in an unsealed envelope. You may give the donation directly to me upon arrival, or place it in plain sight within the first few minutes of meeting. Having to ask for it makes me rather uncomfortable and - in my opinion - sullies the mood.

I do understand that life gets in the way of pleasure occasionally. If you must cancel or reschedule our engagement, please do so as soon as possible. Please respect my time as I respect yours, those who no-show for a rendezvous will not be given the opportunity to re-book in the future.

Please respect my boundaries during our meeting. All compensation is for my time, and I require a safe and comfortable environment. I reserve the right to terminate our session at anytime without a refund if said boundaries are compromised in any way.

Though I am not a clock watcher, I do expect that as a respectful individual you will adhere to the time allotment that you have booked. I do follow security measures with outside parties so please allow for me to notify them in the circumstance that you choose to extend our session.

Please take the opportunity to use my facilities if you have not have the chance to freshen up within the last hour. My bathroom is stocked with fresh towels, numerous toiletries and mouthwash. I will always be freshly showered and groomed upon your visit and merely expect the same consideration in return.

I am open-minded and accepting towards all people, however I find that my company is generally best suited towards individuals between the ages of 25 and 65. All I expect of my clients is that they treat me with respect and are polite, I do not discriminate against race, gender, disability or profession.

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+1 604 245 9993